This journey we strat after you have a breakfast around 8-8:30 in the morning, We’ll be trough the many kind of plantation because we walk on the estate so we need to prepare drugs musquito spray and suncream. we’ll see the first waterfall 36 meter high waterfall Laangan,  Laangan mean length or height. in the area of the waterfall is very quiet still very naturally rare in tourist visit, you will feel the wind blow soothing waterfall. After 20 minute you enjoing this waterfal fresh air, We contineing the journey passing walking on inclines that many staircases approximately 458 stairs, than we have coffee break time at small warung to enjoing fresh coffee or tea or wich one do you like to drink.


Continue the journey to the second waterfall ( red coral waterfall) you can to swim  here on waterfall than continue to Golden Valley waterfall have fhotograh there, then continued the journey to two large water source where this source into 3 waterfall we’ve ever been before, after we see the source of the water above us continue the journey more than 3 hours to Lake Tamblingan, but before we down a coffee plantation, vegetables became income locals. 30 minutes later we had reached the edge of the highway, we will cross the road and down the stairs approximately 300 meters decline, in the tropical forests we walk while enjoying the fresh air to get in pinish point for crossing using traditional boats to the place where we are going camping. Duration 5-6 hours


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Morning day 7am we have breakfast at camp place Than continue our second  journey further into Munduk Langki on foot and to the, both routes pass through kinds of plants such as lots coffee, vegetable plant  etc.   During we’ll back to  Munduk   We have time for a break time for drink some coffee or tea on the way at small warung  and find village  to go down to Giant tree the old and second  biggest tree in the world , You will feel the coolness of the air atmosphere. After that continue the journey back to Munduk . Duration  :  5until 6 hrs  Package price U$D 205 /1-2person, Additional cost U$D 21person if more than 2person participant. Included: Camp, Traditional Canoe, lunch box, Dinner, Breakfast, , Etrance fee tiket, Mineral water, Coffee Break and Guide fee.